Primary Care

Strengthening Primary Care in India

India is fastly growing to became a Developed Nation. To achieve this status Health of Indians must be safeguarded.

We are aware India lives in villages atleast 70%

Primary Care is needed to all the citizen. 20% only need Secondary or Territory care. Territory care has grown well in India and attracts Health Tourism from under Developed and Developed Nations.

Primary care is the backbone of Healthcare delivery system of India

But to 70% of Indians Primary care is still not accessible

May be because of the following reasons:

  • Infrastructure inadequacy – Roads , electricity , Water , sanitation etc
  • Illiteracy of the population
  • Lack of Primary Care Physician both in number and mindset.

The first two are taken care by the Governments, both state & central.

In my view creating Primary care as a specialty in India is the main lacuna.

Commonwealth Medical Association and Indian Medical Association are firmly committed to develop and strengthen Primary Care in India.

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