Health Issues

Towards a Healthy Vibrant India

Issues to be addressed to:

  1. Right to health must become constitutional
  2. NRHM & NUHM must be linked & continued. Urban healthcare must be taken to Rural India ICT must be used for this
  3. Tertiary care centre must be given the opportunity to implement PMSSV through separate wards or blocks
  4. Universal Health Insurance for PBL must be introduced, Expert committee with Health Care experts, financial experts & insurance sector to be formed to get the best scheme for the country
  5. In India nearly 80% of healthcare & 60% of medical education is by Private sector. Private sector in both the areas must be strengthened & streamlined nationally.
  6. Counter sale of drugs must be banned by law & must be strictly implemented. Control on quality of drugs & food must be stringent Expiry dates must be strictly followed.
  7. Governance reforms in Primary, Secondary & Teritiary Health Care: National council on Health care Accreditation must be formed with State & District councils having adequate representation to Private sector & IMA. This council must:
    1. Spellout the criteria for categorization
    2. Registration done as per spelt norms
    3. Suggest guidelines for infrastructure & Manpower
  8. National health programmes donot reach fully to the public. Hence health indices donot reach to targets. Effective PPP is the wayout.


12th Five year must address the following agendas:

  1. Health Budget must be atleast 6 to 8%
  2. Health workforce shortage must be tackled effectively: Doctors & paramedics number must be raised to match the Doctor: population recommended by WHO
  3. Investment into Healthcare must be increased to bringup the Quality of health care to Global Standards
  4. This will demand infrastructure status to Private Healthcare – must become effective
  5. To make healthcare accessible to all Health sector must be made as a special service sector not equating with Industry & Cinemahouses.
  6. Public Health System must be strengthened immediately
    1. Safe water
    2. Adequate Sanitation
    3. Transport & Communication

  1. Primary Care for all Indians either Rural or Urban by Fully Qualified MBBS doctors only
  2. Medical council of India must be strengthened to be the Custodian of Medical Education in our Country.
    1. Must be Autonomous
    2. Must be transparent
    3. Prorata representation to Registered Doctors. Health Activitists & Eminent Academicians invited to be members
    4. Medical Teachers Training & Accreditations must be in place
    5. Medical curriculum & Training must be National wide uniform. Focus on Primary & Secondary Care.
    6. Department of Family Medicine must be created with faculties in every Medical College.
    7. Online PG Training to be recognized.
    8. Medial Recertification to be in place quickly
    9. Health administrators must receive training & certification as Indian Medical Service – IMS
  3. ‘Front Foot’ approach is imperative to the Four shared risk factors – Tobacco, Alcohol Consumption, unhealthy Diet & Physical Inability to conquer NCDs.
  4. Doctor Public Friendly Relations must be favoured.
Prof. Dr. S. Arulrhaj, MD., FRCP (Glasg)
Chairman - CHPA – UK


Imm. Past President
Commonwealth Medical Association, UK
Past National President
Indian Medical Association, New Delhi

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